Osteria 57 now providing DineMarket customers with authentic Italian cuisine


Osteria 57 now providing DineMarket customers with authentic Italian cuisine

DineMarket customers now have the option to select gourmet ingredients, used by professional chefs. Over the course of the last few months, DineMarket has been partnering with restaurants to provide their ingredients for customers. With this opportunity, customers can now choose from an array of authentic ingredients, and create their own restaurant-esque meals. One of DineMarket’s restaurant suppliers is Osteria 57. A hotspot favorite for New Yorkers, Osteria 57 is an Italian restaurant providing, “traditionally inspired coastal cuisine with an innovative flair.”

The selection of ingredients from Osteria 57 will bring the tastes of Italy right to your kitchen table. Osteria 57 was originally started by an Italian entrepreneur, Emanuele Nigro. Later on, Nigro then met Riccardo Orfino, who brought years of chef experience in dining establishments both in Italy and New York. Together, they combined their vision and skills to offer a seasonal menu that was committed to offer sustainable options. While the restaurant offers traditional Italian seafood and vegetarian options, they are inclusive to all diets and needs of their customers.

As a new supplier to DineMarket, Osteria 57 brings the restaurant feel right to your home. Their selection of ingredients will allow you to make mouthwatering Italian style dishes, that is restaurant quality. Offering a variety of options, you can choose everything from daily fresh focaccia, to ready-to-bake pasta (handmade from scratch!)

With love put in every ingredient, customers will enjoy an authentic Italian meal that you can feel proud of.
Local home deliveries from Osteria 57 are now being made to NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island City, and more.

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