Osteria 57

We know, you’ve been cooking too much. Give yourself a break with our decadent chef-prepared, ready-to-make meals. A little piece of Italy….and fine dining...all for you at home. Buon appetito!

About Osteria 57

Osteria 57 is a New York restaurant specializing in amazing Italian ingredients and meals. Their daily fresh focaccia and ready-to-bake pastas bring the restaurant feel to you.

Now, Osteria57 brings you authentic Italian pasta, handmade, from scratch, with love.

Our mushroom lasagna for 4 is ready to bake with organic eggs, Molino Pasini flour, milk, butter, roasted mix mushroom, garlic, onion, Parmigiano Reggiano, parsley, salt & pepper.

Olive Castelverano is a big hit with home buyers. They are delivered in brine and are redolent with explosive flavor.

Stracciatella is the creamiest of all cheeses. Bring the scents and decadent tastes of Italy to your kitchen table. We are proud to prepare the best for you.


Osteria 57 Delivery Areas

Delivering to:

NYC, Long Island City, Brooklyn

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