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Get fresh groceries delivered straight to your door, from local suppliers that the chefs trust!
Save Up To 30% Off Grocery Store Prices.
No Fees. Free Delivery. Convenient.

Dinemarket For Restaurants

Whether it’s fresh produce or janitorial supplies, Dine Market is the go-to wholesale marketplace connecting restaurants with local suppliers.

We eliminate the need for calling, faxing, or going to separate suppliers’ websites for products. From the convenience of your phone or computer, you can shop and order all your restaurant’s food and supplies from local suppliers.

Start now to discover new products and suppliers in your area and save time and money.

Dinemarket Shop For Home-Delivery

DineMarket Shop is a new initiative by DineMarket that brings restaurant-quality ingredients and quality service from local wholesale suppliers directly to you with Home-Delivery service.

Our mission is to help consumers get the food they need and stock up on nutritious ingredients without having to leave their home all while supporting our local farms, businesses and family-owned and run wholesale food suppliers.

Start now and discover a whole new way of shopping for your fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, organics, and groceries delivered straight to your home directly from the suppliers.

Why Dinemarket Shop, Why Now?

In this state of emergency, we’re working hard to connect local suppliers with home consumers to help residents get nutritious food to their homes. This way we all help local businesses keep their doors open so they as well can feed their families.

We appreciate all the support and trust you are giving us during these challenging times.

Why Restaurants Use Dinemarket?
Work Less

We digitize your order-guide saving you 7 hours of data entry every week.

Save Money

Easily compare product prices and reduce your food cost by 15%.

Gain Control
Keep your food costs under control and increase your bottom-line by 3%.
No Frustration
Reduce order errors by 90% and keep focused on needs.
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Restaurant’s Special Introductory Offer
Pay $149 $69/Month and Save Thousands!

Dinemarket In The Media

“It increased our exposure.”

“It adds about five or six new customers on a monthly basis.”

“Dine Market, an app-based service that allows restaurants to place and manage their orders to suppliers.​”

“Normally when you order, you don’t see price totals or weight totals until the next day,”

“With Dine Market, I can make orders, see totals, compare that to my budget and make adjustments all at once.”

“DineMarket adjusted their platforms to connect consumers with suppliers. Now everyday people can shop for restaurant-quality food and other supplies just as they would shop for groceries from the big chain supermarkets.

“Dine Market is now selling directly to the public in the categories of vegetables, fruit, dairy meat, seafood, and groceries. Upon ordering, shipments come directly from the original wholesalers.”

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