Dine Market partners with Local Suppliers

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Dine Market partners with Local Suppliers

As the nation battles a fight against COVID-19, fear of the unknown has left consumers scrambling for food. Increased demand for groceries has skyrocketed as consumers stock up and hoard ingredients. Scarce shelves at grocery stores, as well as suppliers closing their doors, have made it harder than ever to get basic ingredients. 

With grocery stores raising the prices of their products by 60%, consumers are worried about their finances. However, DineMarket has been able to step in and provide comfort and reliability to their customers. In the past few months, the DineMarket team determined a way to maintain relationships with their suppliers, and ensure that local businesses will still provide for the community. With the closing of restaurants, DineMarket quickly pivoted to provide home-delivery services.

DineMarket now efficiently provides grocery home-delivery services to ease consumer worries. For those individuals hesitant to visit grocery stores, DineMarket provides a safer option. Stay in, stay safe and eat well.  

DineMarket offers up to 30% of savings on ingredients, so consumers don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. While some groceries have been backed up, DineMarket has been working extra hard to deliver orders within two days, while also providing exceptional customer service. 


Partnering with local farm suppliers as well as restaurants, DineMarket has an abundance of delicious and healthy ingredients to offer. Current clients have been thrilled with their experiences at DineMarket, and are not looking back to shopping at local supermarkets anymore. DineMarket is here for you and your family during these times, with a strong intention to fill your kitchen with hope and comfort.



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