Riviera Produce

Riviera Produce has been an Englewood staple since 1993, providing a full line of fresh conventional and organic quality fruits and vegetables to the foodservice industry across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. But in the wake of the pandemic, they have been providing home delivery services to consumers.

About Riviera Produce

Riviera Produce provides the freshest produce for you. Hungry for lettuce, arugula, salad, spinach? We have carrots, potatoes, radish, broccoli, peppers and all the best healthy fruits and vegetables. Of course, organic vegetables for you. You can even sneak in some fruit as dessert (organic, of course). You deserve it.



Riviera Produce Delivery Area

Delivering to:

Nassau County, Parts of Suffolk, Long Island City

Shopping at Dine Market gives you:

1. Safety

No need to put that pesky mask on!

2. Savings

Lots of free delivery options. Up to 30% off and no service fees.

3. Convinient, rapid delivery

Yes, even next-day toilet paper is possible!

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