Riviera Produce sourcing the best produce from niche farmers


Riviera Produce sourcing the best produce from niche farmers

Riviera Produce is a family run business that originally started in 1993. They provided fresh and top quality fruits and vegetables to the food service industry. Now, they have expanded their business due to the pandemic, and are offering delivery services for all. Riviera Produce is now working with DineMarket to deliver everyday produce for customers.

When the spread of COVID-19 hit the U.S., Riviera Produce knew they had to pivot the direction of their business and reach a wider audience. Shilamida Kupershteyn, the owner of Riviera Produce, realized how much the community was struggling, and that her business was at risk of going under.

With the help of her partner, Kupershteyn decided to expand Riviera Produce to provide home delivery services via grocery delivery channels like DineMarket. They also came up with their own personal delivery service, “Grateful Produce Box.” Due to these changes, Riviera Produce was able to help struggling community members get their fresh groceries safely, while also being able to hire back some of their employees.

Riviera Produce gets their items from niche farmers all around the world, so every item comes directly from fields to your table! From potatoes, radish, broccoli, arugula, apples, pomegranate, squash, and more, Riviera Produce has a wide selection to select from.

With a plethora of organic and nutritious items to choose from, your family will know they are getting the best option, and supporting a local business.

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