Fischer Foods

It’s time to stock the pantry with everything you need...fresh foods, snacks, beverages, and even essentials. After 50 years in business, we are proud to serve you.

About Fischer Foods

We want to give you everything. Let’s feed you breakfast: gourmet coffee, oat milk, oat meal, eggs, biscuits, French toast, bagels, cream cheese, and Sambazon acai.

For lunch, may we suggest: fresh bread for sandwiches, rigatoni or penne pasta, probiotic Greek yogurt, fresh salad with chickpeas, spring greens, pepper and artichokes, and potato chips on the side. Pellegrino or Spindrift add beautifully to your meal.

Dinner will never get boring with meatballs, linguini, shrimp scampi, rice & beans. vegan chicken strips, and vegetable stir-fry. On the side, enjoy fries, onion rings, and fancy mustard.

When it’s time for Netflix & snacks: popcorn, chocolate-chip cookies, and granola bars make binge-watching even sweeter.

After dinner, you deserve a tea or hot toddy. Toast to yourself and enjoy!

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Fischer Foods Delivery Area

Delivering to:

Rockland County NY, Parts of Bergen County NJ, Parts of Fairfield County CT, Westchester County NJ, Monmouth County NJ, Ocean County NJ, Parts of Putnam County NY, Nassau County, Suffolk County

Shopping at Dine Market gives you:

1. Safety

No need to put that pesky mask on!

2. Savings

Lots of free delivery options. Up to 30% off and no service fees.

3. Convinient, rapid delivery

Yes, even next-day toilet paper is possible!

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