Meet the supplier offering delicious and fresh quality meat–Carnibox


Meet the supplier offering delicious and fresh quality meat–Carnibox

Carnibox has been around since 1968 as one of the nation’s largest suppliers of quality meats. Every product that comes from their plant is of the finest quality and hand-selected. While Carnibox originally supplied their products to top restaurants, they are now offering home-delivery services. With a wide selection of fresh and natural products, customers will feel good about the products they select, that have been used by chefs. With a high demand in meat products across the nation, Carnibox is here to offer gourmet meats right to your doorstep, at wholesale prices.

Current customers who have received their home-delivery products from Carnibox have had raving reviews. Those who have received their products have been thrilled with the freshness and quality of Carnibox’s meats.

Right now, Carnibox is offering delivery services to locations in NYC, Westchester, Long Island, and parts of Bergen County NJ and Connecticut. Within two days of your order, Carnibox provides their customers with protein-filled delicious products for all. Without leaving your home, customers can choose from a variety of Carnibox products such as: dry-aged meats, Tomahawk steak, antibiotic-free chicken breast, strip loin, and more!

While customers may feel uneasy due to the current circumstances we are living in, Carnibox promises that every product they supply is freshly cut, packed and vacuum-sealed. Carnibox also has a ton of tips and tricks from prepping and cooking your food, to food safety and storage, so that customers will have exceptional quality and a delicious meal.

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