Online NYC Food Marketplace is Bridging the Gap Between Wholesalers and Consumers


Online NYC Food Marketplace is Bridging the Gap Between Wholesalers and Consumers

How DineMarket is Supporting Local Economies by Connecting Restaurants’ Food Suppliers to Consumers During the Pandemic


New York City, April 2020 – Online wholesale marketplace DineMarket is doing its part to support local economies and ensure that consumers have access to fresh food and supplies during these trying times. DineMarket Shop gives buyers access to fresher, cheaper, quality ingredients delivered straight to their doors from local vendors, creating a win-win situation for all. 

Until recently, the platform was focused solely on connecting local wholesalers to restaurants in need of quality ingredients and services. However, the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many restaurants to close operations. 

To help these businesses avoid layoffs and financial troubles, as well as to help consumers cover their basic needs while they are staying home, DineMarket Shop just launched. DIneMarket Shop is an initiative that connects consumers to local wholesalers. 

DineMarket Shop is an easy-to-use online food ordering marketplace, where consumers can find suppliers in their area and get restaurant-quality ingredients delivered to their homes. As a result, consumers get all the nutritious food they need delivered at their doorstep, while local vendors can keep business afloat as restaurants are closed. 


DineMarket Shop is already connecting NYC-based consumers to local vendors, and they’re getting top-quality, fresh ingredients at a 20% to 30% discount. Individuals and families have veggies, fruit, dairy, meat, seafood, and other grocery items delivered straight to their door, all while supporting local businesses and saving money on basic goods. 

DineMarket Shop is based in New York City and will be expanding to additional markets where local wholesalers are having trouble keeping their doors open. Requests are coming in from consumers in major cities including Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. DineMarket Shop is working around the clock to help suppliers load their products onto the new platform, and scouring additional markets to source suppliers from additional locations onboard. 

Please spread the news about this initiative, to help local businesses connect to consumers in their service areas and keep operations open. You can learn more about the DineMarket Shop initiative on the Dinemarket Shop FAQ page. Stay safe!



About – Who Is DineMarket?


Dine Market is the first real-time online food purchasing marketplace that gives restaurants an innovative way of connecting with vendors and producers in finding new opportunities. The platform allows restaurants to search and purchase all their products from multiple vendors in one place, offering up-to-date, competitive pricing, and total transparency. The New York Times described DineMarket as “A Software Firm That Wines and Dines the Restaurant Industry.”

Give it a try at or download the app from Android or iOS stores.

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