what are the best apples for apple pie

What are The Best Apples to Use for Apple Pie?

Refreshingly sweet and occasionally tart, apples come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. With so many varieties to choose from it can become a bit overwhelming to figure out which apples are good for snacking, baking, cooking, or adding to salads and sandwiches. For starters, you don't want an apple...

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Savory Apple Recipes to Try This Fall — Seasonal Menu & Home Recipes for 2021

Sharpen your knives and get ready to slice up some seasonal apples. We bring you three savory apple recipes that deserve a place on your table this fall. Apples are at the top of our favorite scents this season. From the easy apple pie to the legendary spice cake, fall's...

4 Ways To Nourish Your Body & Replenish Your Electrolytes Naturally

Let’s face it – replenishing your body with electrolytes naturally isn't always on everyone's radar. The majority of people aren't even aware that there are healthier options than commercial sports drinks on the market. Most of these drinks are chemically treated, contain unnecessary high amounts of refined sugars, artificial flavors,...

watermelon nutritional information

Watermelon: Health Benefits, Nutritional Content and Recipes

How to Pick a Perfect Watermelon?

Like myself, I don’t know many people that wouldn’t enjoy eating a juicy, sweet slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. At the same time, it can be a daunting task to shop for the perfect one. With a variety to choose from, should...

simple caesar salad recipe

Caesar Salad Recipe with Homemade Dressing

Caesar salad may not be the healthiest choice but it’s been a favorite classic for adults and kids on every restaurant's menu for decades. Perhaps, it’s the crunchiness of the romaine, or the creaminess and tangy taste of the garlicky dressing. Either way, it’s one of the most delicious salads...

Spring Soup Recipes

Spring is here, so many people are beginning the spring cleaning tradition. But, you do not want to be wasteful while cleaning out the kitchen or pantry. One of the easiest and most resourceful ways to clean out your kitchen during spring cleaning is by putting all of your extra...

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4 Healthy and Delicious Protein Powder Recipes

More and more, we are seeing people shift their diets to become plant-based. While plant-based diets provide many different benefits (see our blog about dietary practices), one challenge is getting the desired amount of protein every day. Protein powder has proved to be a great option for...

Paleo, Grain-Free Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

Amazingly light and fluffy Paleo and grain-free pancakes for all those who are looking to cut down on their wheat or suffer from celiac. These are simple, quick, easy to make and the kids will love them for breakfast.


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Air Fryer Tips and Recipes

New kitchen gadgets are typically exciting for foodies, but the excitement caused by the air fryer is unmatched. Many are in awe of its ability to cook, crisp, and fry without any additional oil or fat. An air fryer is a small, countertop kitchen appliance that serves as a convection oven...