What’s in Season for August? – Seasonal Produce Guide

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What’s in Season for August? – Seasonal Produce Guide

Summer’s drawing to an end far too quickly, but there is still enough time to relish the treats that August has blessed us with!

August crowns a perfect summer harvest. Just check out how much variety there is with in-season produce! You may be wondering why even bother with seasonal eating when most things are available all year round?

Unsurprisingly, sprayed supermarket produce is hardly the healthiest option out there. Eating what’s in season, on the other hand, has tremendous health benefits. Moreover, getting peak produce isn’t even difficult: you can visit your local farmers’ market or simply order locally sourced produce online from reliable sources.
Without further ado, let’s check out what’s in season this August! It wasn’t at all easy, but we’ve chosen a few fruits & veggies that deserve the spotlight and applause this month.

What’s in Season for August – DineMarket Picks


These ever so fragrant and sweet fruits are perfect for summer tarts and crumbles! Unfortunately, you’ll find fewer and fewer apricots in September – when their season draws to an end – so why not ready up some homemade apricot jam while you still have the chance? You’ll thank yourself this winter!
Stewed, stuffed and baked, sautéed, grilled, roasted, and even stir-fried! No matter how you cook this all-around star, nothing compares to a crisp bell pepper at its peak season, when it’s most flavorful and deliciously juicy!


Those of you with a sweet tooth that still wish to keep their diets extra-healthy can’t ignore that blackberries are in season in August! Eat them on the go or throw them in a quick, delicious breakfast – perhaps a Greek yogurt or a fruit salad. These dark, fleshy berries are packed with antioxidants, minerals, fiber and come with remarkable health benefits.
Summer Squash is also in its peak season, presenting us with a plethora of new colors and flavors that can enhance your August dishes! No time to visit your local farmers’ market? That’s no longer an excuse! You can conveniently order local varieties such as baby green squash, gold bar squash, and yellow or green pattypan squash from DineMarket.


Smoky-rich Baby Heirloom Tomatoes or some Large Beefsteak Tomatoes, the undeniable rulers of the tomato kingdom? You still have time to find your favorites. So many ripe and fleshy tomato varieties are ready to be sliced, sautéed, mashed, and roasted for your tastes-like-summer dishes before the end of August.


Ah, the summer classic! Nothing like getting through the heat with a slice of juicy red watermelon! Did you know that August 3 celebrates National Watermelon Day here in the U.S.? Whether eaten whole, cubed in a salad mix, or made into a cool sorbet, there’s still time to enjoy its signature sweet taste during peak season.

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss out on other peak August produce like peaches, plums, eggplants, leeks, and cucumbers while harvests are still up and abundant!
What’s your favorite crop this month? Check out our August produce guide below, and don’t forget to make the most of in-season produce!

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