Vacuum Sealing Meat: A Way to Keep Meat Fresher, For Longer

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Vacuum Sealing Meat: A Way to Keep Meat Fresher, For Longer

When shopping in a grocery store, people automatically assume that the frozen meat they come across is fresh. However, they may not consider that the meat they are purchasing may have been sitting in the store for days on end, resulting in loss of freshness as time passes. A solution to this problem is vacuum sealed meat by Carnibox.

A way to avoid soiled meat is by vacuum sealing meat products. By having meat vacuum sealed, it will prevent the meat from being exposed to oxygen. Without oxygen near the meat, it is able to stay fresher for longer. Immediately after meat is cut by the butcher, Carnibox vacuum seals it in small portions. This is essential to prevent ice from forming on the meat, and ensures the freshness of the meat for up to two years.

After the meat is cut and vacuum sealed, you may notice that the meat changes color. This is from myoglobin, which is a protein found in muscle tissue. This tissue is typically purple in color, and can change color due to the oxygen levels it is exposed to. The oxygen exposed to the meat causes it to turn either red or brown in color.

Vacuum packaged meat is typically stored for a long time, which is the reason why the meat is much different in color than meat you generally see at your local grocery store. The packaging used in stores keeps meat fresh, but not for long.

This packaging is called MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), and is used for meat that is meant to be eaten within a week. MAP has a large presence of oxygen due to the open nature of the packaging, while vacuum packaged meat has almost no oxygen at all. Once vacuum packaged meat has been opened and is exposed to oxygen, the color will turn bright red, just as the MAP meat appears. This transformation of the meat turning from a purple color to bright red is quite amazing to see!

Vacuum sealed meat allows you to keep meat fresher for much longer, opposed to meat sealed in typical plastic packaging used in grocery stores. The vacuum seal allows one to savor the flavor and freshness the meat had when it was originally cut. Since the meat is cut into smaller portions before it is vacuum sealed, it also prevents food waste and helps one save money.

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