The Best Ways To Store Fresh Herbs To Last Longer

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The Best Ways To Store Fresh Herbs To Last Longer

Isn’t it annoying when your fresh herbs start wilting within days? Well, we can provide you with the best tips to keep your herbs stay fresher and last longer!

Soft Herbs:

To store soft herbs, you will need glass jars, water, rubber bands, and plastic produce bags. Fill your jars about halfway with water, then gather up the herbs in a bunch and place them stems down in the jar. Feel free to cut the stems if needed to fit the jar.
Next, grab a plastic produce bag or zip lock bag and cover the whole top of the jar so that the herbs are completely enclosed. Secure the bag with a rubber band and transfer the jar to the fridge where your herbs will keep for two to three weeks!

*Note that basil is too delicate for the fridge. Store it in the jar as described, and keep it on the counter, out of direct sunlight*

Types of soft herbs:

How do you keep herbs fresh longer

Hard Herbs:

To store hard herbs, you will need paper towels and resealable plastic bags. Roll the herbs in a single layer in a damp paper towel.
Next, place the rolled-up herbs in the bag and, without sealing it, transfer it to the fridge. Stored this way, your hard herbs will last two to three weeks!

Types of hard herbs

Use these tips to preserve your herbs for amazing meals throughout the whole week. Check out some of our recipes to inspire your new-found herb expertise!

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