How to keep your fruits fresh and juicy all summer long

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How to keep your fruits fresh and juicy all summer long

With summer officially starting, it is the perfect time to stock up on some fresh and juicy fruits. Although, with the long and hot afternoons to come, it can be difficult to keep your fruits sweet and ripe. Before your abundance of fruits turn into mush, here are some tips to follow that will allow you to savor every last bit.

1. Refrigerate ASAP

Exposure to heat, even room temperature, can quickly spoil your fruits. To ensure that they stay ripe, store your fruits in the refrigerator as soon as you bring them home. While most fruits are okay to leave on the counter during cooler seasons, you definitely need to refrigerate them during hot summer months.


2. Avoid airtight containers

While some say that the best way to avoid mold from growing on berries is to pack them tightly in a container, this might not be the best idea. Airtight containers don’t allow for the berries to breathe, which can ultimately cause them to bruise and be covered in white fuzz.


3. Wash when ready to eat

Washing your fruits right away will cause them to grow mold faster. Instead, wait until you are ready to eat them and then wash them. One great tip to avoid mold is to rinse your fruit in one cup of white vinegar, and four cups of water.


4. Get rid of any excess moisture

Once your fruit is thoroughly washed, any water that lingers on can still cause damage. To avoid this from happening, place your fruit in a sealable container lined with paper towels, and leave the lid cracked open to let any moisture escape.


5. Freeze fruits to last longer

If you aren’t planning on eating your fruits for a while, you can preserve freshness and nutritional quality by storing them in the freezer. You can either store them in a sealed package, or in a tray pack. Some fruits that you freeze need to be prepared a specific way, so make sure you double check on how to prepare them first.

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