What’s in Season & the Benefits

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What’s in Season & the Benefits

Fall is in full swing, and as the weather changes, so do our fruits and vegetables. This season offers a delicious array of fresh produce from many of our local farms, creating the perfect opportunity to try out some new items to surprise your palate!

To give you an idea of what your dinners could look like this Autumn, we put together a delicious list of this season’s peak fruits and vegetables based in the New York Metropolitan area. Plus, we’ve added some important benefits that fresh local produce can provide you and your family.

There are great benefits to choosing seasonal produce from your local suppliers.


Tastier and Higher Nutritional Value

When you purchase local and in-season, your fruits and vegetables are riper and tastier than any other time. At peak harvesting time, the nutritional value is much higher than when you buy in large markets or out of season. Foods grown out of their peak season are usually picked before they are ready so that they can be transported long distances and stored without damage or spoilage.

Out of season, shelves are stocked with early-picked produce that requires a lot of maintenance to slow down their maturing process. This could include elements such as gases, irradiation, and pesticides, that help keep food fresh but also bring up health concerns. When produce is sourced from different regions, there’s no telling what type of chemicals were used to keep them ripened. A smarter option is to get them locally and at its peak time. You receive healthier and more flavorful produce!


It’s Cheaper…Plus, You’re Supporting Local Businesses

Have you ever noticed that produce prices fluctuate throughout the year? Thanks to supply and demand, in-season produce arrives in abundance. Bonus: when locally sourced, there is no travel time and no extra expenses, so the cost goes down. This makes it accessible to everyone in the area, helping support local businesses in the process. Buying local food helps your community grow and thrive. It also gives you a front-row seat to the source of your food. You are helping reduce the environment’s carbon footprint, bringing the world that much closer to a cleaner atmosphere.

When possible, shop and eat seasonally to benefit your health, your community, and your environment. Best of all? Your taste buds will thank you!


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