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artificial intelligence for restaurants

How Can Restaurants Benefit from the Growing AI Trend

ChatGPT is already revolutionizing how businesses operate — and the restaurant industry is no exception. You already know just how valuable your time is if you’re in the restaurant industry. Between answering customers’ questions, scheduling employees, and managing your inventory, it can seem like there’s never enough time in...

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Keep Your 2023 Food Costs In Check: What You need To Know

Unless you live in a mushroom in the woods and you have been managing to forage all your food with the help of your seven vertically challenged friends, we all know that the past couple of years has not been kind to the food industry. In the past year alone...

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Rising Egg Prices Are No Yolk – What You need To Know

First it was hand sanitizer, then toilet paper, followed by gas and now the food industry is the target of the latest shortage, and it’s hitting us right where it hurts most- eggs! Nothing is more basic and fundamental in any household, restaurant or food business than eggs. It’s the...

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How is the Avocado Shortage Affecting the Restaurant Market?

Here’s what’s behind the sharp rise in avocado prices and how it’s affecting restaurants. Avocados are packed with potassium, monounsaturated oil, B vitamins, folate, and more. Plus, they’re a key ingredient in guacamole, so it’s hardly surprising that demand for avocados has increased over the years. In 2000, 2.21 pounds...

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pears varieties

The Chef’s Essential Pear Guide – Nutrition, Health Benefits & Best Varieties

We have compiled a helpful guide on pears covering nutritional value, health benefits, seasonality, popular varieties, and which ones make for great pie filling! How much do you know about seasonal pears? You might have tried Barlett, the signature sweet pear adored for its rich, juicy consistency, or the petite...

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what are the best apples for apple pie

What are The Best Apples to Use for Apple Pie?

Refreshingly sweet and occasionally tart, apples come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. With so many varieties to choose from it can become a bit overwhelming to figure out which apples are good for snacking, baking, cooking, or adding to salads and sandwiches. For starters, you don't want an...

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specialty grapes

Making the Most of Grape Season & California’s Specialty Grapes

With the grape season still in full swing in California, it's the best time to talk about specialty grapes and why you shouldn't miss out on this beloved autumn crop. Ah, specialty grapes! Flavorful, versatile, and full of health-enhancing nutrients. Although sometimes considered a classical summer fruit, grapes are equally...

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September’s Seasonal Produce Guide is Here!

Keep our September Seasonal Produce Guide close to your kitchen to make the most of fall’s early treasures! Pumpkin, apples, broccoli, grapes, cauliflower, corn, kale, cucumbers, melons, sweet potatoes…You know what we’re talking about! The spectacular abundance of produce in September is positively overwhelming. And no month passes without a seasonal...

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what is in season in August

What’s in Season for August? – Seasonal Produce Guide

Summer’s drawing to an end far too quickly, but there is still enough time to relish the treats that August has blessed us with! August crowns a perfect summer harvest. Just check out how much variety there is with in-season produce! You may be wondering why even bother with seasonal...

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Is lemon juice a good electrolyte

4 Ways To Nourish Your Body & Replenish Your Electrolytes Naturally

Let’s face it – replenishing your body with electrolytes naturally isn't always on everyone's radar. The majority of people aren't even aware that there are healthier options than commercial sports drinks on the market. Most of these drinks are chemically treated, contain unnecessary high amounts of refined sugars, artificial...

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