Restaurant Quality Meals

Save time on cooking healthy food

Affordable & Fresh

Get budget friendly meal options

Eco Friendly

Using all biodegradable sugarcane food containers

Free Delivery
$50 min

Brought directly from our kitchen to your door. Servicing NY, BX, LIC, QNS & NJ

Simple & Delicious
Weekly rotating seasonal menus
No re-occurring ordering commitment
Generous portions
High-quality fresh local ingredients
Lots of kid-friendly meal options
Conveniently packaged meals
Microwavable & freezable packaging
Our Chefs Take The Stress Out
Meal Planning

Take a day off from shopping, chopping, and cleaning. Let us take care of feeding your family the freshest food they would want to eat every day.

Meet Our Mouthwatering Variety
Our Commitment To Our Community
With the help of generous sponsors, JPO Concepts is proud to have prepared & delivered over 13,795 meals to healthcare professionals & vulnerable members of our community. With your first order, JPO will donate 1 meal as part of the "Catering Our Community" initiative to feed food insecure patrons in our neighborhoods.
Shopping at Dine Market gives you:

1. Safety

No need to put that pesky mask on!

2. Savings

Lots of free delivery options. Up to 30% off and no service fees.

3. Convenient, rapid delivery

Yes, even next-day toilet paper is possible!

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