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Fadaro, is a family owned New York City based wholesale produce supplier founded by two brothers. They distribute an incredibly fresh and delicious variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and seasonal items  throughout NYC and Bergen County NJ.

About Fadaro

The Fadaro Brothers are bringing you the best fresh produce. Restaurant-quality, delivered safely to your door. From our family, to yours.

Fadaro fills your fridge and your day with delicious healthy foods. Vegetables and fruits overflowing with flavor and nutrients. Aromatic herbs and mushrooms. Specialty orchids and pansies in blooming color. Dragon fruit, cherimoya, star fruit, and lychee. Now you can have the feeling of traveling the world for exotic tastes, all while staying safe indoors. We will bring it all to you!


Fadaro Delivery Area

Delivering to:

Parts of New Jersey, Manhattan

Shopping at Dine Market gives you:

1. Safety

No need to put that pesky mask on!

2. Savings

Lots of free delivery options. Up to 30% off and no service fees.

3. Convinient, rapid delivery

Yes, even next-day toilet paper is possible!

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