Look who has groceries!!



“Look who has groceries!! After my regular delivery channels became unreliable over the course of this pandemic, I started going to the grocery store. When you live in NYC, you really can’t buy more than you can carry back, so I was making frequent trips out, putting me more and more at risk. Luckily, I’ve now found @dinemarket! DineMarket has been a resource connecting local suppliers to restaurants for years, but have now opened their products up for in-home delivery!! And, yup—they have meat, flour, toilet paper, bread, organic items, and all the other products that have been scarce lately! If you’re in the NY/NJ area, want to support local suppliers (like @vvproduce) and fill your cabinets with reasonably-priced items, then check out @dinemarket! Visit www.dinemarket.com to secure one of their quick and convenient delivery windows now!! Happy shopping!”


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