The future of the food industry could look a lot different

The food industry as a whole has faced major implications due to the global spread of COVID-19. While some businesses, such as grocery delivery services, have increased in sales, other businesses have faced a harsher reality. With a rapid spread of the virus in the last few months, supermarkets, restaurants, and food plants have seen a devastating drop in sales, and some have even been forced to close permanently.

With the reopening of restaurants still in the works, people have changed their behaviors in the way they consume and purchase food. According to a survey taken by Dr. Robert Williams, it was found that 54% of people have been cooking more than usual due to the circumstances. It was also reported that 51% of people plan to continue cooking at home after the outbreak.

With a lack of supplies at grocery stores due to plant closures, and the fear of being out in public, a lot of consumers have changed their grocery shopping habits to online services. With online grocery services offering items at discounted prices, and the luxury of being able to order from your home, the future of supermarket sales may be at stake

The long-term impacts are still in the air as of now, but with the behavioral changes in consumers, it’s hard to tell what our new reality will be. As restaurants start to re-open, there will be many factors to consider such as: seat capacity, social distancing, increased sanitation precautions, employee safety, etc.

Article source: “Pandemic’s impact on food industry”
By Erica Greenway


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