The four ingredients that might face a potential shortage due to COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to shake up the food industry, manufacturers have been working overtime for months, in order to keep shelves stocked and customers happy. On the other end, ingredients suppliers have been battling to keep their supply chains from breaking. From employees catching the virus, to food plants being forced to close, the food and beverage industry has taken a hard hit. In months to come, some ingredients may even face potential shortages

According to, they report that mushrooms, carbon dioxide, garlic, and yeast have seen a flux in sales, which could lead to shortages. At the start of the pandemic, mushroom sales went down in restaurants, so farmers had to donate, or throw out their products. While the mushroom sales are slowly starting to increase in grocery stores, it has been difficult to source mushrooms to fill the shortages due to reduced growing cycles.

Carbon dioxide might also have a shortage in the future due to a decreased supply of CO2 from ethanol plants. Ethanol plants have been cut as consumers drive less, which have forced the plants to cut CO2 production.

As for garlic, there has been a global struggle to produce enough of the product. While the majority of garlic consumed is imported from China, where COVID-19 originated, supply chains have been interrupted. Garlic wholesale prices have increased by 60%, according to the Wall Street Journal. Lastly, while stuck in quarantine, a popular pastime for consumers has been to bake bread. This led to yeast sales increasing by 258.5%…. which in turn led to empty shelves and shortages.

The food industry has faced a devastating outcome due to COVID-19, but how will it play out? As some ingredients might face shortages down the line, it is also a concern that a potential secondary spike of COVID-19 in the fall might disrupt transportation chains again.

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Article source: “4 ingredients facing shortages amid the pandemic”

by Lillianna Byington

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