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    Apple Granny Smith, 6 Count

    From: $4.39

    Apples Fuji, 6 Count

    From: $4.50

    Apples Gala, 6 Count

    From: $4.50

    Apples Golden Delicious, 6 Count

    From: $4.50

    Apples Red, 6 Count

    From: $4.00

    Asparagus, 1 LB

    From: $2.99

    Avocado, 1 Count

    From: $1.25

    Baby Arugula, All Natural, Local, Organicgirl, 5 Oz

    From: $3.50

    Baby Kale, All Natural, Local, 5 Oz

    From: $3.00

    Banana, Bunch, 1 Count

    From: $1.75

    Basil Fresh, 2oz Bunch

    From: $1.50

    Beans Fava, 10 LB

    From: $40.00

    Beans French Haricot Vert, 5 LB

    From: $18.00

    Beans Green, Round, 1 LB

    From: $1.95

    Beets Gold, 2 LB

    From: $3.75

    Beets Red Loose, 5 LB

    From: $5.99

    Beets Red, Baby, 2 LB

    From: $3.00

    Blackberries, Driscoll, 1 x 6 Oz, 1 Unit

    From: $3.75

    Blueberries, Driscoll, 6 Oz, 1 Unit

    From: $4.75

    Bok Choy Baby, Per LB

    From: $1.71

    Broccoli Rabe, Per Bunch

    From: $3.00

    Broccoli, Bunch, 1 Count

    From: $2.00

    Broccolini, 1 Count

    From: $2.50

    Brussel Sprouts, 1 x 8 Oz Cup, 1 Unit

    From: $3.25
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