Grocery shopping just got easier. New online grocery delivery services are a huge hit

While grocery delivery services have been around the last few years, these services are now being used more than ever. Due to the current circumstances, the pandemic has made it harder for consumers to get everyday essentials, including their groceries. Since supermarkets have been raising their prices, due to empty shelves and a demand for products, consumers are now getting their groceries online.

Business Insider Intelligence forecasts that online groceries will continue to gain popularity throughout 2020, and that these services will soon be adopted by all generations.

The market value for online grocery services have doubled from 2016 to 2018, which showed consumers comfortability adapting to buying their essential groceries online. While many generations have still been hesitant to purchase groceries through these services, the current situation has led consumers to feel hesitant shopping at their local supermarkets.

The increase of popularity in online groceries, has resulted in a competitive market for both online services and established supermarkets. In an attempt to have equal sales in the market, established groceries have been offering curbside pickup and delivery alternatives. While these new implemented strategies have seemed to help in some aspects, online groceries are still seeing a huge increase in sales.



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